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Street Evangelism

  • Straight after Tasha had an encounter with Jesus Christ on the streets of Luton, she started telling those around her about Jesus and what He had done for her. Tasha’s life has been like a domino effect, as she led those around her to Jesus. She started in the workplace; wherever Tasha has worked she has always used her place of work as a platform to promote Jesus, and by God’s grace she has always found favour with her bosses, even the ones that didn’t believe there is a God.


    Tasha felt led to start preaching the gospel on the streets after she had an open vision from the Lord while sitting on her bed. In her own words Tasha explains “I was sitting on my bed speaking to the Lord and getting a bit of rest before going to collect my kids from school. While looking out my bedroom window, a vision came before me; it was like a movie playing out in front of me. It was me on the streets with a microphone preaching the gospel and there was a banner to the side of me, but I couldn’t see clearly what was on the banner. After a few minutes the vision started to disappear and I could see out of my window again.” Tasha sought the Lord to see what He wanted her to put on the banner. He told her to put on the only picture she had left while in active addiction. Tasha answered and said “Are you kidding me”?? “No”, said the Lord. “Are you all in Tasha”? “Yes Lord…. Let's do it”!


    The scripture the Lord gave Tasha at that time was from Luke 14:28 “For which one of you, when he wants to build a watchtower does not first sit down and calculate the cost, to see if he has enough to finish”? Tasha weighed the cost of sharing her full story. She was mostly concerned about her children; her two older girls already knew about her past, as they had felt the brunt of her addiction and life style while growing up, but the thought of other people knowing the ins and outs of the life their mum had lived was another thing entirely. However, having the encounter Tasha had with Jesus that day, she knew deep down she had to give her all and not hold anything back, just as Jesus gave His all for us. He also reassured her that “Yes, it will be costly to put EVERYTHING out there for Him, but there isn’t any cost that cannot be made up for in His resurrection.”


    This picture was taken of Tasha preaching the gospel on the streets of Bradford, using her banner just as the Lord told her. Tasha has seen many souls won to the Kingdom of God following her obedience to what God asked her to do that day.


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