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Restoration Homes

Since 2019, Retrieve has worked with numerous women and their families who are struggling with various life controlling issues in Bradford, Leeds and the surrounding areas and even as far as Sheffield. We currently offer ongoing support to these women via regular in person meetings, zoom or telephone sessions to help with any issues they may be experiencing. We provide emotional support to help with the vast array of problems they are going through and we offer financial provision when suitable, as well as taking them to various appointments etc. However, working with these precious women in the capacity that we currently are, is just simply not enough. They need drastic intervention and often the only way to really help them is if they are removed from their current toxic environment and placed into a safe, secure and loving home where they can receive the love, prayer, support, rehabilitation and education that they so desperately need. After years of working with these beautiful women who struggle with similar life controlling issues as Tasha previously had, there was a burning deep in her soul that weighed heavy for these women and their precious children and after an intense period of prayer and fasting the Lord gave Tasha the blueprint to set up a number of “Restoration Homes” for the women that we support.

“Restore” means to bring back or re-establish, to return someone to a former condition, place or position and “Restoration” is the act of restoring or being restored. God tells us is the bible in Joel 2:25, “I will restore to you the years that the locust has eaten”. Our heart here at Retrieve is to see every woman that comes through our doors fully restored and whole. We believe this restoration process will also continue with their family members; especially their children. 75% of the women we work with have children of various ages just like Tasha did; she was one of the fortunate ones who was able to get her children back, sadly that isn't always the case. The longer these women stay in the cycle of addiction and or prostitution, the less likely they are to get their babies back. If we can break the destructive cycles these women are trapped in, the impact will be generational! If you know someone that has battled or is battling any type of addiction or life controlling issue, you will know how debilitating it is. Not just for that person, but for their mother, father, partner and especially their children too. It's heart-wrenching! We believe in second chances... and we hope you do too! We strongly believe the transformation that happens in these precious women will leave a footprint on generations to come and we are very intentional about seeing this take place in every women's life that we support!

Our vision is to help these women discover who they are in Christ, retrieve what has been stolen from them and destroyed in their lives and support them in learning to live free from the life controlling issues that have bound them for so long. We want them to know that there is hope for their future. They will spend 12 months in a structured programme that will ultimately transform their lives by encountering Jesus for themselves, just as Tasha did many years ago. We will use a Christ centered, Bible based recovery programme, which has already helped to set millions of people free all over the world - Celebrate Recovery. Various life skills including cooking, cleaning, budgeting, managing emotions and how to have healthy relationships will also be an integral part of our programme, as we know that most of the women that stay with us will need to learn these basic skills for the first time. We will provide the opportunity to gain GCSEs or similar qualifications if required/suitable. Each resident will have their own individual care plan tailored specifically to meet their needs, as every woman is unique and a one cap fits all approach is usually not the best way forward when dealing with such a variety of complex issues. We will proactively help these women restore the relationships with their children and families. Our whole residential programme is based and built upon Jesus Christ (read Ephesians 2:19-22 and Psalm 127:1). Our Restoration Homes will operate using Christian principles found in the bible, as we believe the only real way these women’s lives will be truly transformed is by the renewing of their mind by the word of God, as it says in Romans 12:2. These homes will also be a launch pad for women to be thrust into their God given calling and purposes, we intend to raise an army of God fearing women that let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two edged sword in their hand; Psalm 149:6.

The core values for our Restoration Homes will be based on the three R’s

1. Relationship - Everything flows from relationship (Romans 5:8)

2. Respect - Learning to respect ourselves and others (Philippians 2:3)

3. Responsibility - Learning to take responsibility for our healing (Philippians 3:13)

This year we aim to set up our first Restoration Home and we currently have everything in place in order to make this God given vision a reality. Our 12 month fully structured care plan is ready to go, we have 7 women we are currently working with who are ready and willing to start our 12 month programme imminently, along with numerous women that we have recently received referrals for. We also have various contacts with other supporting agencies that are ready to make referrals as soon as possible, as there is minimal (if any) provision of this kind for women in Yorkshire and further afield. We have a number of qualified staff members along with many skilled volunteers all ready and waiting to start working with these women in our Restoration Home!

What we need now is the finances to secure the right property to facilitate making this God given vision a reality… and that is where we need your help! Please would you prayerfully consider giving towards this worthy cause? These precious women and their children need our help and we would be honoured if you would partner with us. Every penny raised will go directly towards the provision of purchasing and operating our first Restoration Home, which we believe will be the first of many! Any amount you can afford to give is so appreciated. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.. You are not just making a donation, you are truly making a difference... not only to the beautiful women we support, but also to their children and other family members too!

Giving Towards Our Restoration Homes

Thank you for helping us reach our financial goal by choosing to support Retrieve's vision in making our Restoration Homes a reality!

Our preferred way of giving is by paying directly into our bank account (please use "Restoration" as your reference). This means we don't have to pay any fees and 100% of what you give goes directly to us. We also have alternative payment options available should this not be suitable for you.

However you choose to give, we are eternally grateful and as you are sowing into God's work, we know you will be blessed for your generosity.

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