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Our Story

Natasha Wyer

Natasha (Tasha) Wyer is the founder of Retrieve. Tasha’s life had a very rough beginning… abandoned at birth, she knew what it was like to feel the immense pain and sting of rejection from both her biological and adopted parents. From a young age Tasha had no confidence. She struggled academically, with making new friends and finding her place in life. At the age of 14 Tasha met a young travelling man and she fell head over heels in love with him. Tasha’s adopted mum was busy with her new partner and fostering children, which left Tasha to her own devices. This man became Tasha's world; he was literally everything to her and more. She no longer attended school on a regular basis and left secondary school without any qualifications.

At the age of 18, Tasha got engaged and was planning to marry her partner; not realising that he had been having an affair with one of her closest friends for over a year and that she was pregnant with his child! When the news came out after their baby was born, Tasha who was already fragmented from her childhood was totally heartbroken. To help her cope Tasha started on the slippery slope of self-medicating her heartache, rejection, loss and pain with drugs and alcohol. She went from taking the occasional party drug to a full blown addict in just a few short years!

After Tasha was offered crack cocaine and had smoked her first pipe, she literally thought she had found what she was looking for… the very thing that could take away her pain and help her escape the bleak reality of her life. Living to use and using to live, one pipe was never enough or a thousand too many! This cost Tasha 15 years of her life, doing things she NEVER thought possible to feed her ever increasing habit. “Sin is expensive” Tasha says. “It takes you further than you intended to go and keeps you longer than you intended to stay”. (I explain more about sin on our salvation page). The alcohol addiction came in through the crack addiction to help as a downer to the upper drug. Tasha’s first 3 babies were born to crack and alcohol… she just couldn’t stop. A life of crime and prostitution was the only thing left to do after losing EVERYTHING to that little white stone and bottle of alcohol! Tasha was desperately trying to find love and hope in all the wrong places….

UNTIL one day on the streets of Luton Town Centre where she would normally be doing her hustling, she has an encounter with a God she didn’t know existed! Thank God He knew Tasha existed and He knew her by her name, for He had created her before the foundations of the earth! And that day He sent His Son Jesus Christ to collect her and set her free from her despair, chains, torment and darkness. The bible says in John 8:36 “So if the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed”. Tasha had an encounter like Saul on the road to Damascus and was set free from EVERYTHING!!! 

You can read Tasha's gripping life story in her book "From Crack to Christ"!

Since then Tasha has been on fire for God, not perfect, but faithful! Sharing and witnessing the Gospel of good news to anything that moves (literally) and leading them to the King of Kings; Jesus Christ! Tasha's heart is to see as many people led to the Lord as possible; knowing first hand that NO ONE else can bring true freedom and liberation as Christ can and not just for this life, but for eternity!


This is where the heart and vision for “Retrieve” was born. Retrieve is a soul winning ministry working primarily with women to help them recover all that has been stolen from them in every area of their lives. Tasha's heart and passion is to help others break free from the bleak grip of addiction and the same destructive cycles she found herself in for many years. "Retrieve" aims to help people overcome the battle of addiction and abuse so they learn to lead a fulfilling life and retrieve what has been stolen from them. Tasha inspires hope and confidence that the same God that set her free from the chains of her past, can do it for others too.

Tasha speaks in schools, colleges, churches, prisons and conferences in the UK, Europe and globally. ​Whether through her Book, One-to-One Coaching Sessions, Celebrate Recovery Sessions, or Speaking Engagements, her passion and desire is for your life to be transformed through an encounter with Jesus Christ just as hers was! 

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