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Tasha's Book

A Note From The Author...

  • Rejection and abandonment were my closest friends. I was left at birth, adopted and raised by a single mother who did her best to raise me right, but I fell pregnant at the age of 15. Tormented and plagued by rejection I was left filling the gaping void in my heart with a 15 year crack and alcohol addiction, which led to a life of crime, prostitution and mental health issues.

    My journey to victory and recovery inspires faith and gives hope to those who think they are too far gone or those who have friends or relatives whose situations seem beyond reach. In this book you will discover that there is no hole too deep that God's LOVE can't reach and there's no place too dark that His LIGHT can't fight you!

    God is bigger than any past we have come from, anything we are facing now or will face in the future.

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    "This book is an honest and telling, real-life story of tragedy, abandonment, addiction and loss, but ultimately of how deposits of rejection unchecked and uncured left a child still screaming for her father even though her body had matured. This truly is an insignia to the writer of her triumphs and through the extremes of her many challenges, we find all our stories being interwoven into the tapestry of each chapter"​

    Tomi Arayomi - Founder of Rig Nation


    All profits from the sale of this book go towards supporting the work of Retrieve

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    "There is more in you than your history"!